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i-Lift Pool Chair Lift

All Public and Commercial Pools Are Required To Have an ADA Compliant Lift No Later Than March 15, 2012

The U.S. Department of Justice recently revised the regulations enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the new rules could have far-reaching implications for local businesses. After all, a failure to comply could lead to a knock at your door from Uncle Sam and leave you vulnerable to potential lawsuits.

The new regulations have already gone into effect, email Gary Fair Construction and we will walk you thru the ADA requirements for the Lifts and the installation process.


  • ADA Compliant
  • Designed for Pool & Spa Applications
  • Electro-polished Stainless Steel Construction for Durability and Easy Maintenance
  • 350 lb. Weight Limit
  • 6" - 22" Set Back (Range)
  • 0" - 12" Water Draft (Range)
  • Works with Pool Gutters
  • Rotates 360 degrees, Clockwise & Counterclockwise for Transfer Ease
  • Removable Without Tools
  • Water Tight Remote Control for Easy Operation
  • Manual Override Control Switch if Remote is Damaged or Lost
  • Minimal Moving Parts for Smooth Long Lasting Performance
  • Rugged Aluminum Actuator Motor & Ram System Specifically Designed for Outdoor Use with Thermal Overload Protection
  • Heavy Duty Battery, Up to 90 Lifts on Single Battery Charge Plus Low Battery Indicator Light
  • Comes with one Standard Anchor
  • Available Upgrade Kit Includes: Armrests, Headrest and Footrest
  • Can be Made Portable With the i-Lift Mate
i-lift pool lift
upper view pool ilift

Installation ADA Compliant iLift

i-lift cover

Proposal includes (1) iLift Pool Lift by Interlab with standard features.  Upgrades and additional products are an additional cost.
All required local permits and inspection are included.
Standard installation into 4” concrete pool deck.  Saw cut and removal of 18” x 18” concrete to allow for a concrete footing and bonding of lift to the pool steel re-enforcing.  Replacement of the concrete, with the texture to match as close as possible.  Color not included.
Core drilling where applicable.
Latent conditions are not included.  Additional work for latent conditions, are subject to cost increase.
Scheduling and product delivery provided after contract acceptance, downpayment and product ordering fee.

For tax deductions and tax credits please contact your accounting or financial advisor for benefits that may apply to you.
Federal funding may be affected and requirements for the installation of a Pool Lift should be reviewed.